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The Acropolis is the prime tourist attraction in Athens, Greece. It’s an ancient citadel that looms over the city of Athens from a jutting rocky outcrop. Furthermore, Acropolis is one of the most historically and culturally significant landmarks in Athens, and perhaps all of Greece, because it houses remnants of various historical monuments, most significantly the Parthenon. These monumental remnants belong to the Golden Age of Athens, which dates back to 460 and 430 BC. As such, not only is the Acropolis important to Greece, but it’s also important for the understanding of one of the world’s oldest and most revered ancient civilizations. The Acropolis has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. When you’re staying in Athens, you should find a hotel located close to this landmark. As such, in this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 hotels near Acropolis.

# 1

Adrian Hotel

If you’re looking for a hotel near Acropolis, Adrian Hotel should be your first and ideal option. It’s located right below the Acropolis Hill, and as such it’s just a short walking distance away from the famed historical site. In addition to that, it’s also within walking distance of several of the other major tourist attractions in the city. Set up on Adrianou Street, some of the major tourist attractions within close proximity are the Pandora Gallery (located right next door), Roman Agora, Horologion of Andronikos, Athens Gallery, and Monastiraki Square, and Parthenon, all of which are located within 400 meters from the hotel. However, the best aspect of the hotel remains its close proximity to the Acropolis. In fact, they serve breakfast on a terrace from which you get a clear view of Acropolis on the hilltop. There are 22 rooms in the hotel and they come in 6 different categories, though all of them are elegantly designed and spacious and come with their own private balconies. These rooms are all air-conditioned and come with a TV and a minibar. However, the rooftop terrace is surely the best aspect of the hotel as it looks out at the Parthenon. The hotel staff is also very cheerful and helpful and they can make all your bookings and reservations. They’re glad to order you a taxi and offer traveling information around the city. You can also walk over to the Monastiraki Metro Station, which is just 150 meters away, as it connects you to the rest of the city as well. While the rooftop terrace is the best part of this hotel because of the Acropolis view, you should know that that option is only available from May to October, i.e., the warm months.

# 2

Herodion Hotel

Herodion Hotel is located in a quiet corner street, however, it’s just a short walk away from the steps leading uphill to the Acropolis and all of its neighboring attractions such as the Acropolis Museum and the buzzing and lively neighborhoods of Plaka, Thiseo and Monastiraki. Furthermore, the Acropolis Metro Station is located a short 5-minute walk away and as such, you can be easily connected to the rest of the city as well. The common areas in this hotel are lined with modern pieces of art. The owner of the hotel is quite an aficionado of the art world, and his interest shines through in many sculptures and artworks that proliferate the premises of the hotel. The sculptures are mostly Greek, however, there are some international pieces as well. The glass-walled bistro and lounge area is a particularly great place to interact with other guests as it has a pretty casual vibe and there are bowls of freshly cut fruit lying around, along with magazines, boards games, and any other distractions you need. Perhaps the best feature of the hotel is the fact that the Acropolis skyline is clearly visible from Point A, which is the hotel’s rooftop bar and museum. You also get a view of the Acropolis from the outdoor hot tubs. The hotel also has an on-site spa and the treatment room is located outside, in the roof garden. The rooms in the hotel are also stylishly decorated. The bathrooms are tiled with marble and they feature waterfall showers and separate bathtubs. The best rooms in the hotel are the Superior Double and Twin Rooms, both of which feature private balconies that overlook the hotel courtyard and also enjoy a view of the Acropolis skyline. There are two restaurants in the hotel — Atrium Bistro and Point A restaurant. The former is a glass-paneled restaurant structured around two trees, whereas the latter is a rooftop restaurant with a view of the Acropolis. They serve Mediterranean and international cuisine. The complimentary breakfast includes eggs, pastries, homemade cakes, fresh fruit, juice, amongst other dishes.

# 3

Plaka Hotel Athens

Plaka Hotel Athens is located close to the Monastiraki metro station which connects to the rest of the city. However, the best feature of the hotel is that it’s a short 10-minutes walk from the Acropolis and all of its surrounding attractions. The hotel is designed in a simple style. It features a wooden mezzanine lounge with simple furnishing and a rooftop terrace. There are just 67 rooms in the hotel and they’re all designed in a functional style with wooden flooring and blue-yellow linen. Most rooms have balconies, however, only a few of them enjoy a view of the Acropolis skyline, so choose carefully.

# 4

The Student & Travellers Inn

The Student & Travellers Inn is located in the center of Plaka district from which the Acropolis is easily accessible on foot. This is one of Athens’ most popular hostels, frequented by guests of all ages, but largely by people in their 20s and 30s. You can either book yourself into the cheap dorm rooms or you can even get a private room with a personal bathroom. They also have a pleasant courtyard where the backpackers can hang out and interact. The hostel staff is always available on hand to offer valuable advice about traveling and touring the city. The only complaint offered by some of the guests is that the shared bathroom can often be quite unhygienic.

# 5

Philippos Hotel

Philippos Hotel is a family hotel located in the middle of Makrigianni district, which is located right next to the popular and historic district of Plaka. The best aspect of the hotel is how conveniently placed it is. It’s just next door to the Acropolis metro station and you can easily walk over to the Acropolis within 10 minutes. The hotel is rather homely in aesthetic and you’re generally left alone to do as you please. There are 50 rooms in the hotel, and all of them are decorated in a warm color palette of beige and brown. Some of the more advanced rooms come with private balconies with a view of the Acropolis skyline.

# 6

Adams Hotel

Adams Hotel is located in Parga, which is the neighborhood people usually frequent when they’d like to be equidistant from the historic district of Acropolis and the beach. Parga beach is located about a 5 to 10 minutes walk from the hotel and the Acropolis is also located within a walking distance but on the other side. There are 16 rooms and 25 studio apartments in this hotel. Most of them come with balconies that look out either at the sea or the Acropolis skyline, and they all come with separate showers and bathtubs.

# 7

Hotel Nefeli Athens

Hotel Nefeli Athens is located in the center of Plaka, in the very foothills of Acropolis. As such, you really can’t find a hotel closer to the Acropolis than Hotel Nefeli. Other landmarks in close proximity are Syntagma and the Acropolis Metro Stations. The hotel is designed in a rather basic style with minimal and functional furnishing. It looks more like a townhouse than it does a hotel. Guests can also help themselves to complimentary breakfast every morning comprising bread and jam.

# 8

Divani Acropolis Palace Hotel

Divani Acropolis Palace Hotel is located on 19-25 Parthenonos, within 500 meters of Acropolis and about a 5-minute walk from the Acropolis museum. There are 250 rooms in this hotel, spread out across 5 different categories. The rooms are all decorated in neutral earthy shades and some of the advanced rooms even feature private balconies with a view of the Acropolis skyline. The hotel also comes with a rooftop terrace which also features a view of the Acropolis and Philopappou Hill. One of the most noteworthy features of this hotel is that it incorporates the ruins of the Themistocles wall which was found in the architectural design of the hotel.

# 9

Acropolis View Hotel

Acropolis View Hotel is located in the historic heart of Athens, just about 600 meters from the Acropolis museum and the Acropolis metro station. As such, it’s well connected to the rest of the city. However, the best aspect of the hotel remains it’s proximity to Acropolis, which you can walk to within 5 minutes. In fact, several of the rooms in the hotel come with balconies that enjoy a clear unobstructed view of the Acropolis in the distance. You can enjoy your meals on the rooftop terrace of the hotel, which also has a clear line of sight to the Acropolis, thus presenting some great photo opportunities.

# 10

Ava Hotel and Suites

Ava Hotel and Suites is a short 5-minute walk from Acropolis and it’s located in central Plaka, which is the primary historic district of the city, surrounded by all the main tourist attractions. The general aesthetic of the hotel, simple as it may be, is neoclassical. The rooms in the hotel are designed in a homely and basic style, however, they come with private balconies that enjoy a stunning view of Acropolis in the distance. Some of the suites also enjoy a view of Hadrian Arch and Zeus Temple.

Acropolis Boutique Luxury Hotel Map

The best high end, unique, cool and small luxury hotels displayed on our map below.

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