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Hotels Near Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is perhaps the most famous beach in Australia. It’s located in New South Wales and it’s recognized by its distinct crescent-shaped coastline which sweeps on for miles at a stretch. Bondi Beach has gentle ocean waves all year round and as such it’s frequented by surfers. Furthermore, many people also come here for other water activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing, etc. And then again, most people simply come here to enjoy a vacation lazing on the beach all day. Bondi Beach is also surrounded by some great cafes and hangout spots. When you’re traveling to Sydney, if you’re looking for a beach holiday, you should definitely find a hotel located close to Bondi Beach. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the research for you. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 hotels located near Bondi Beach.

# 1

Hotel Bondi

Hotel Bondi, as the name suggests, is located just a short stroll away from Sydney’s most famous beach — Bondi Beach. In fact, if being near Bondi is your main objective, then you can’t possibly find a better-suited hotel. Hotel Bondi is located on Campbell Parade street, which runs along the Bondi Beach coastline, and it’s strewn with various cafes, restaurants, bakeries, etc. In between digging your toes into the sand, you can also explore Gould Street located just behind the hotel where you can indulge all your shopping fantasies as it’s home to some of the most glamorous boutique outlets in the city. Campbell Parade is also home to various public transportations that can take you directly to Circular Quay, Royal Botanic Gardens, the Harbour Bridge, or the Opera House. The hotel bears a classically designed historical facade, however, it’s offset with a breezy and bright aesthetic featuring a lot of potted plants, white cushions, and blonde wood. There are 37 rooms in the hotel. While some of them look out at the ocean, others enjoy a view of Gould Street. As such, if you’d like to feel the sea breeze wafting in through the windows, and if you’d like a nice view of the horizon, you should be careful which room you choose. Hotel Bondi also boasts a great bar called “The Bondi” which is a famous late night party venue amongst those going to the Bondi Beach. The bar features live music every weekend, and they also have a gambling station out back. Meanwhile, the courtyard of the hotel is ideal for families looking for a quiet time to enjoy their meals. If you’d like to send all your holiday in Bondi Beach bliss and its activities, this is the perfect hotel for you.

# 2

Ravesi's Hotel Bondi Beach Sydney

Ravesi's Hotel Bondi Beach Sydney is located on the eastern suburbs of Sydney, within a short walking distance from the famous Bondi Beach where you can indulge yourself in simply sunbathing by the waters or embarking on a string of water sports. If you’d like to explore other beaches besides Bondi, you can also check out Tamarama Beach which is located just a mile away from the hotel, or Clovelly Beach which is about 3 miles away. Ravesi's Hotel is a 3.5-star boutique hotel near Bondi Beach, and it comes with amenities such as a 24-hour help desk, a restaurant, free WiFi, and a babysitting service. Families who travel with kids particularly find the last of these options useful. Whereas adults may like to spend all day by the beach, kids can get tired quite fast. As such, you can leave them in the capable care of the babysitting staff, and head back out to the beach to continue your vacation! Since Ravesi's Hotel is located right on the beach, moving back and forth shouldn’t be a problem either. There are a total of 12 rooms in the hotel, all of them designed in a beach-chic aesthetic that’s breezy, minimalist, and features plenty of natural light. They are also soundproofed so that you don’t have to be interrupted by the sound of all the revelers in the nearby streets and the hotel restaurant. Some of the rooms come with private terraces and balconies that also enjoy a view of the ocean in the distance.

# 3

Adina Apartment Hotel Bondi Beach

Adina Apartment Hotel Bondi Beach is located on Hall St, which is Bondi Beach’s famous shopping district. It’s just a short 5-minute walk away from the beach itself, which is a distance of about 500 meters. You can also find several buses here to take you to the city center or to any of the other prime attractions in the city such as the Harbor Bridge or the Sydney Opera House. The hotel is designed in a quirky and eclectic style with modern furnishings and light fittings. The hotel also features a pool and an on-site gym. Furthermore, one of Australia’s best gelato shops is located right next door. The rooms are designed in a contemporary style with plenty of natural light flooding in through large windows. However, even though some of the rooms have balconies, they don’t really offer a view of the beach. Adina Apartment Hotel is a great option for you if you’d like to be close to the beach but also within reach of the prime shopping areas.

# 4

Bondi Beach Apartments

Bondi Beach Apartments is a contemporary minimally designed series of apartment-style suites located on Hastings Parade, which is a short 600 meters walk away from Bondi Beach. These apartments are located in a neighborhood surrounded by charming cafes, restaurants, pubs, etc. The apartments are fully equipped with kitchenettes, furniture, a living room, televisions, and other necessities. The color palette in the rooms is white with hints of grey. Furthermore, the rooms feature large full-length windows that give you a panoramic view of the city and make your apartment feel bright and lively. Most of the apartments come with spacious terraces as well where you can step out to sunbathe. These apartments also feature a private bathroom with a bathtub and toiletries.

# 5

Ultimate Apartments Bondi Beach

Ultimate Apartments Bondi Beach offers apartment-style rentals offering you either a Queen Studio apartment or a Twin Studio apartment. The property is located at 59 O'Brien Street, which is a short 10-minute walk from Bondi Beach, which is about 900 meters away. Ultimate Apartments is located on a street which forms a part of the central Bondi Village. The studio apartments available in the hotel are well-furnished and they feature cable TV and a fully-furnished kitchenette. You can also find several great dining options in the neighboring streets. This is a great set of apartments for people who want to be near Bondi Beach and those who are staying in the city for an extended period.

# 6

Sinclairs Bondi

Sinclairs Bondi is a 2-star hotel located at 11 Bennett Street, which is a short stroll away from Bondi Beach. The hotel doesn’t offer a lot of amenities. In fact, about all it offers is free WiFi. However, if you’re looking for a reasonable townhouse style apartment to stay at for an extended period, which is also close to Bondi Beach, this is a great option. Reviewers have also commented that the neighboring streets were lined with some great eat out spots, cafes, and other attractions. Furthermore, the hotel also arranges a shuttle bus to take you to various iconic locations around Sydney.

# 7

Meriton Serviced Apartments Bondi Junction

Meriton Serviced Apartments Bondi Junction is located at 95 - 97 Grafton Street. It’s not as close to Bondi Beach as some of the other hotels on this list. However, if you don’t mind driving, you can get to the beach in about 5 to 10 minutes. The hotel itself is beautifully designed and appointed, complete with an on-site gym, restaurant, swimming pool, and a hot tub. The rooms in the hotel are designed in the typical beach aesthetic. They all feature large full-length windows and sliding glass doors so that the apartment is always sun swept. This also gives you a sweeping view of the city all around.

# 8

Quest Bondi Junction

Quest Bondi Junction Hotel is located at 28 Spring Street. It’s close to Bondi Junction Railway Station, which is just 400 meters away. However, Bondi Beach is about 2 miles from this hotel and as such, you’ll have to drive over. Another popular attraction in close proximity is the Centennial Park which is just 600 meters away. The hotel also comes with an on-site gym which is equipped with all the latest equipment. As far as the aesthetics are concerned, they’re designed in a contemporary style with a colorful decor and modern paintings hanging on the walls. Some of the rooms even come with private balconies looking out at the city.

# 9

Hughenden Boutique Hotel

Hughenden Boutique Hotel is located at 14 Queen Street in Woollahra, about 3 miles from Bondi Beach. Hughenden Boutique Hotel once used to be a private mansion, however, it has now been converted into a boutique hotel that still retains the Victorian aesthetics of its previous manifestation. The rooms are designed in a cozy style with hardwood flooring and gilded frames on the paintings and mirrors. They also come with private balconies looking out at the fashionable streets.

# 10

Coogee Beach House

Coogee Beach House is a hostel located at 171 Arden Street in Coogee. It’s just a short 500 meters away from the Coogee Beach, which is quite popular amongst backpackers. However, if you’d like to go to Bondi Beach, that will be a 3-mile drive. There are several popular restaurants, cafes, and other attractions in close vicinity to the hostel as well. Coogee Beach House also comes with a barbecue facility, which is a great way to interact with other backpackers and strike up friendships.

Bondi Beach Boutique Luxury Hotel Map

The best high end, unique, cool and small luxury hotels displayed on our map below.

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